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The new Kleven Inner glove is a thin and flexible inner glove with very good thermal capability. Knitted with polyester hollow fiber (97 %) and spandex (3 %). Advanced materials and deliberate design ensures the best heat insulation and a faster drying time than comparable materials. Kleven Inner glove is a good low cost alternative and will replace our former Thinsulate inner glove.

The new inner glove is available in three sizes; medium, large and X-large.

The VEGA Inflation Valve is designed for extended range diving in cold environments. It combines inflation of gas and passage for power cables to heated undergarments etc. Both ports are swiveling for optimized equipment configuration. The design of the cable port makes it ideal for a variety of cables. VEGA Inflation Valve fits all SI TECH Valve ports and comes with an anti-friction washer and nipple cover.

Professional Diving Drysuit repairing
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Providing The Best Quality In Time

What We Do

Do not miss a dive, we will also repair your drysuit Neoprene or Trilaminat within 10 - 12 working days. So you can plan your dive and dive your plan.
Only in very rare cases does it take longer if, for example, a special size of a zipper has to be installed like a Poseidon Unisuit.

We change neck and arm cuffs in neoprene, latex and silicones.
We exclusively use silicone cuffs from SiTech and latex cuffs from Seamtite in high Quality. Neoprene cuffs are made by us in our workshop to adapt any diving suit.

We are a professional Workstation for all Diving-Drysuits since more than 13 years. We are the specialists for DUI diving suits and SiTech silicone systems

SiTech Silicone cuffs can be changed by every diver in minutes. No dive has to fail due to a damaged cuff !

Why To Work With Us

From divers for divers ...
We are also divers and dive for more than 30 years. We have all the professional certifications a diver can get. No lake or ocean is unknown to us

We have learned our job with numerous manufacturers such as DUI, Agama, D2G, Barracuda and last but not least, through our experience in our own workshop.

Our work is very high quality at a fair price. A zipper change starts from 259,00 Euro incl. Material.

All of our seam seals are made according to DUI standards, which  divers gives even more security.

We are the German specialist for the installation of SiTech silicone systems and have very extensive experience in this field